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Sandstone Handicrafts

Sandstone HandicraftsSandstone is used to churn out a wide range of handcrafted products like sculptures, frames, furniture, jewelry boxes, stands, garden ornaments, flower vases and many other decorative items. Owing to its architectural properties and natural beauty, the handcrafted items of sandstone are used for interior as well as exterior decoration. The rustic and exotic appeal of sandstone has made sandstone useful for gracing the edifices of forts and palaces since ages. The availability of sandstone in various colors make it further suitable for both domestic and commercial use.
The various handcrafted items Sandstone, the highly beautiful medium in stone is used to create a large array of artifacts which are as follows:

Photo Frames
Sandstone is being increasingly used to make artistic photo frames. The intricately crafted photo frames are the results of work of skilled artisans. Sandstone photo frames can be custom made as per buyers' specifications.

Sandstone Candle Stands
Sandstone candle stands are available in a multitude of designs and shapes. It is not only used to hold candles but also as a decorative piece. The sandstone candle holders are intricately designed by skilled artisans.

Stone finial
Is a small, ornamental, terminal feature at the top of a gable, lamp, lamppost, stone wall etc. Finials made of sandstone are actually sculptured ornaments, often in the shape of leaves or flowers, at the top of a gable, pinnacle, or similar structure.

Flower Vases
Is an open container, used for keeping flowers. These vases are artistically crafted out of sandstone that imparts an ethnic touch.

Garden Ornaments
Sandstone has been commensurate in making various garden ornaments and decorative items like fountains, garden furnitures, planters, statues, garden lamps, plinths, obelisks, and various other unique garden accessories.

Bird Bath
Made of pure sandstone, a bird bath is an ornamental basin often placed in garden for birds to bathe.

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