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International Shipping Terminologies - N

N.C.I.T.D.: National Committee on International Trade Documentation

Articles packed so that one rests partially or entirely within another, thereby reducing the cubic-foot displacement.

Net Short Ton:
2,000 pounds.

Net Tare Weight:
The weight of an empty cargo-carrying piece of equipment plus any fixtures permanently attached.

Neutral Body:
Operates within the framework of a rate conference. Established by the member carriers to act as a self-policing force to ferret out malpractices and other tariff violations. The neutral body has authority to scrutinize all documents kept by the carriers and the carriers' personnel. Has right of entry to all areas of the carriers' facilities, including desks, briefcases, etc. Violations found are reported to the membership, and significant penalties are assessed. Repeated offenses are subject to escalating penalties. Revenue from penalties is used to support the cost of the neutral body's activity.

Nomenclature of the Customs Cooperation Council:
The Customs tariff used by most countries worldwide. It was formerly known as the Brussels Tariff Nomenclature and is the basis of the commodity coding system know as the Harmonized System.

Not otherwise specified/Not elsewhere specified. This term often appears in ocean or airfreight tariffs respectively. If no rate for the specific commodity shipped appears in the tariff, then a general class rate (for example, "printed matter NES") will apply. Such rates usually are higher than rates for specific commodities.

Front of a container or trailer - opposite the tail.

Non-vessel operating common carrier. A firm that offers the same services as an ocean carrier, but which does not own or operate a vessel. NVOCCs usually act as consolidators, accepting small shipments (LCL) and consolidating them into full containerloads. They then act as a shipper, tendering the containers to ocean common carriers. They are required to file tariffs with the Federal Maritime Commission, and are subject to the same laws and statutes that apply to primary common carriers.

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