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Varieties of Sand Stone

Deep brown chocolate colored sandstone, has high content of iron oxide. This variety of sandstone is mostly used for exterior cladding and is available in natural, sawn as well as polished surface finishes.

Kandla Gray
Also known as Bhilwara-GRAY has quartz grains cemented together by secondary silica calcite. This sandstone is available in three different shades of bluish gray, dark gray, and light gray.

Marson Copper
Marson Copper or Bhilwara-BROWN sandstone, a smooth round stone is made up of grains of quartz and other minerals of fairly uniform size.

Rajpura Green
Rajpura Green or Bhilwara-GREEN is a commonly used building stone. Easy to be carved and dressed into various attractive shapes, this variety of sandstone finds various applications including – roofing, flooring, paving and paneling.

Lalitpur Yellow
Also known as LLP – YELLOW this stone is especially meant for exterior cladding in sea shore buildings due to acid & thermal resistant properties. The saline winds have negligible effect on LLP Yellow stone(Lalitpur sandstone).

This is a buff white colored sandstone. The peculiarity of the stone is the attractive, minor purple veins that are visible when the stone is wet. Owing to its regular bedding, uniform grain size, suitable nature and durability, it has been used from over centuries and is a constituent of a large number of historical buildings and monuments.

Dholpur PINK
Deep Pink is mostly used for exteriors and has regular bedding, uniform grain size, suitable nature and durability. This variety of sandstone is available in form of tiles, slabs, blocks in either natural, sawn or polished surfaces.

Gwalior Greenish White
Also known as GWL-MINT. The physical and chemical properties of this stone make it most suitable for use in flooring, wall fixing and lining.

Agra Red
Also known as Dholpur-RED is one of the most famous varieties of sandstone. This stone was used in construction of Agra Fort and Delhi Fort. The stone has high degree of tolerance that does not show weathering effects even for ages. The stone being smooth and soft is easy to be carved and cut and is therefore used in stone handicrafts.

Khatu Teak
This fine grained stone is a creamish in color and has brown veins through out the surface. The presence of brown viens imparts it the look of wooden finish and hence is also named as teakwood sandstone.

Khatu Rainbow
Rainbow stone is made of fine grained quartz and various other minerals. The presence of other minerals lend attractive color to the stone. The color of the stone varies in the form of violet, brown and red depending on the percentage of constituent minerals. It is because of the regular color variation that this stone has been named Rainbow. Like Khatu Teak, rainbow is also available in tiles in sawn finish only.

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